Start-up in Poland? Get a soft landing with Poland Prize

Launching a business in Poland might be a great opportunity for many foreign founders…

Start-up in Poland? Get a soft landing with Poland Prize
Warsaw. Poland © Kamil Gliwiński

Over the past years, Poland has come to the forefront as the leading start-up hub within CEE region. With a growing VC market, increased governmental support, emerging accelerators and a few acclaimed unicorns (such as Allegro and CD Projekt RED), the country is becoming one of the more attractive destinations for start-up founders and investors across Europe. With that said, the local start-up ecosystem still has plenty of room to grow and shows true potential to compete with its Western-European counterparts in the near future.

One of the more notable signals of growth is the intensified international cooperation, as well as the inflow of foreign specialists and entrepreneurs coming to set up operations in Warsaw and other larger cities. Simultaneously, governments and local institutions are going out of their way to welcome them with open arms – creating support programmes, acceleration schemes and tax-related incentives.

If you are a foreign founder, looking for acceleration opportunities and hoping to launch a venture abroad – starting a business in Poland might be a great option for you.

Poland Prize

Poland Prize is an exemplary programme designed to attract foreign start-ups to begin their activities in Poland. It is organized jointly by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) and experienced partners specialized in multiple industry sectors. Focusing on diversity and innovation, the overarching goal is to introduce foreign technology and business culture into the Polish ecosystem. Founders who apply and participate are taken through two distincitve stages. Stage 1 is meant to provide entrepreneurs with a soft-landing (dedicated visa pathway, assistance in banking and relocation affairs), and a boost into development (support in team building, upskilling, networking, customer & product development, etc.). Stage 2 covers further acceleration (adopting, testing, and implementing chosen solutions, plus fundraising opportunities), and post-acceleration (activities and services aimed at maximizing the results of the acceleration programme). Thanks to this, start-up founders are offered support along multiple dimensions, and can kickstart their ventures with up to €65.000 in pre-seed funding.

Sounds good? You might be in luck, because there is a chance for you to apply for the ongoing application round, which ends on March 15th, 2022.

Space3ac accelerator – one of the official Poland Prize partners – is inviting all those interested in participation to send applications directly via their website. The accelerator has recently acquired new partners who are looking for innovative solutions and new ways to solve challenges. Space3ac has been working with start-ups since 2016 and have plenty of experience in fostering fruitful cooperation between venture founders and corporations.

How to apply?

Just head over to and choose a challenge you are interested in or a Partner you would like to work with. Describe your project, fill the application form and keep your fingers crossed!

What you get?

  • Up to 65.000 EUR equity-free
  • Access to large amount of customers within the Polish market
  • World-class business and technical mentorship
  • Access to investors willing to fund your project
  • Soft-landing in Poland (you will get help with all formalities and additional financing to settle those formal matters)

Want to learn more?

Application deadline is 15th of March, 2022.

Wishing you good luck with your applications and hope to see you in Poland soon!